Enzyme Peeling Cream

A highly active moisturiser with very gentle peeling properties. Brilliant fast results.

What is Enzyme Peeling

Enzyme Peeling represents international, dynamic technology. Unlike other enzymes which have a limited life and are very unstable these products require no refrigeration, have a 2 year shelf life and bring true Enzyme Peeling technology into the home. These Enzyme Peels very gently remove the very outer or dead skin layer of the epidermis (skin) revealing a layer of fresh, lovely and more youthful looking skin in just a few days. Safe to use means that people with sensitive skin can easily tolerate Enzymes even though they are unable to tolerate AHA’s, BHA’s or Retinoids. It is a slightly slower treatment but people usually prefer safety to speed. This is because these products have the unique ability to work at a pH close to neutral and are not at all damaging or aggressive.

What Enzyme Peeling can do for the skin …

  • Once the top layer of unattractive dead skin cells is removed a fresh and lovely skin is revealed
  • The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles etc is reduced
  • Uneven pigmentation is lightened
  • Rough, scaly skin is softened and smoothed
  • Acne scarring is refined, pimples reduced
  • Follicles and pores are cleansed
  • A more youthful looking skin soon becomes very noticeable
  • The more you continue usage the greater the improvement in the look of the skin.

What it contains and how it works

Papain: Which comes from the unripe papaya fruit is linked with Papain Carbomer and then covalently immobilised to Polyacrylic Acid. This helps to ‘anchor’ the enzyme to the surface of the skin, increase its stability and produce even more effective skin peeling.
Wheat Germ Oil: Anti-oxidant and nourishing.
Sorbitol: Keeps skin well hydrated.
Apricot and Macadamia Oils: Natural nourishing oils.

Enzyme Peeling Products

Enzyme Peeling Gel Mask 250gm: This is a highly concentrated mask and usually applied in beauty salons as a booster to ensure quicker results.
Enzyme Peeling Cream: This is a slightly less concentrated cream which is taken home and applied twice daily to a perfectly cleansed skin morning and last thing at night. This will ensure that the enzymes keep working on the skin and removing nothing more than those unwanted dead skin cells.

How to get the best results from Fleur De Mer Enzyme Peeling Cream…

Apply every day as explained above to get the best and quickest result. It is also an excellent moisturiser and can be used under or even instead of your usual moisturiser.

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