Multi Treatment Cream

Instant action for a more youthful looking skin

Why you need a moisturiser

Every person without exception who cares about their skin must use a quality moisturiser every day and night. But not just any moisturiser. Please make sure what you choose or use has the correct balance of oils and water. That it is pH balanced to suit your skin. That it contains active ingredients to protect your skin from water loss and to keep your skin looking young, lovely and revitalised. And finally that you are comfortable with the texture.

You can feel confident about choosing this moisturiser and you will notice very quickly how well your skin responds.

Multi-Treatment Cream

A soft light texture. Specially for skin beginning to show the signs of ageing.

What it contains and how it works

Collagen: Essential for supporting the skin, providing strength, firmness and hydration. As we age so our collagen decreases in the skin …. It must be replenished so as to create once more a firm hydrated complexion with reduced signs of wrinkles.
Elastin: Keep skin supple, soft and elasticised.
Wheatgerm oil: Excellent antioxidant to help prevent and reverse skin damage. Also very nourishing.
Dimethicone: A sealant to prevent moisture loss.

How to get the best results from Fleur De Mer Multi-Treatment Cream…

Just apply a thin layer morning and/or night.

Consider also using the Fleur De Mer Cleansing Granules for a very congested or oily skin needing a deeper cleanse.Everyday apply Fleur De Mer Sunscreens which come in Clear SPF50+ or Colour SPF50 Foundation Creams – specifically designed and made for Australia’s harsh exposure to the sun!