Gentle Cleansing Oil

Feel the difference and see the difference after the very first use!

This unique oil cleanses deep into the pores where most other cleansers and soaps could not possibly reach.

A blend of healthy, mild natural oils which nourish and care while deep cleansing skin and pores. Contains no preservatives or added colour. Safe for even sensitive skin!

Key ingredients

Jojoba Oil: Creates supple soft skin – very nourishing and an excellent solvent
Sweet Almond Oil: Provides a lovely, fresh skin while nourishing and cleansing
Macadamia Oil: Penetrates well leaving a good, smooth, non-oily after feel. Excellent cleansing properties for oil based make up.

How to get the best results from Fleur De Mer Gentle Cleansing Oil…

Gently massage onto dry skin to dissolve all oils and impurities on the skin. Then add water to the face to emulsify the oils and to create the water soluble milk which easily washes the product and pollutants off whilst also nourishing the skin. Rinse well. Use morning and night to the face and décolletage.

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