Body Care

Rich Nourishing Coconut Vanilla Body Cream

It’s got the most delicious coconut/vanilla fragrance making it a sheer delight to apply.

This soft white cream leaves skin all over the body instantly super smooth, nourished and hydrated with not a trace of oiliness left on the skin.

What it contains and how it works

Certified Organic Jojoba and Macadamia Oils and Shea Butter: To instantly nourish, hydrate and soften skin all over.
Natural Aloe Vera: Keeps skin instantly and permanently hydrated.
Centella Asiatica: To revitalise skin and keep it healthy.
Allatoin: For its soothing properties.

How to get the best results from Fleur De Mer Rich Nourishing Coconut Vanilla Body Cream…

Apply wherever necessary particularly morning and night.

Everyday apply Fleur De Mer Sunscreens which come in Clear SPF50+ or Colour SPF50 Foundation Creams – specifically designed and made for Australia’s harsh exposure to the sun!